5 Signs it’s Time for New Brakes

Your car has many important components that help take you from one place to another. The brakes are among the most important. Stopping a car without brakes is impossible and almost always leads to an auto collision. Driving a vehicle without suitable brakes is scary and it is dangerous. Pay attention to the signs, it’s time to replace your vehicle brakes and schedule service as soon as possible. The following five signs are the most common that suggest it’s time for new Mobile brakes.

1.    Unusual Noses: Brakes that are old and worn sing a song that tells you about it. When you hear squeaking or whining noises coming from the brakes, it’s time to take the vehicle into the repair shop at once.

2.    Difficulty Stopping: Worn brakes fail to properly stop the car. You may notice that it takes more pressure to stop the brakes or that you must pump them in order to come to a stop. Take the car to a professional!

3.    Leaks: Leaking fluid is another sign that your brakes are worn out and need to be replaced.  Brake fluid is easy to spot due to its color. It has turned brown or black instead of the clear golden color.

4.    Brake Light Comes On: Perhaps the most obvious sign that the brakes need attention is the brake light on the dashboard comes on. Warning lights are there to notify drivers when a problem arises before it becomes a big ordeal. Heed the warning and get the brakes looked at!

5.    Smells: Does it smell like something is burning every time you drive the car? Does the smell worsen when you use the brakes more often? Most people notice burning smells when brake replacement rolls around.

Mobile brakes

Don’t miss the warning signs and keep you brakes and vehicle healthy!